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A walk under the Galerian Arch of Thessaloniki

OK, so this easily goes into my “Current Obsessions” category: MAPS!

Last weekend I took a class on Skillshare (another huge addiction of the past four months) about map making, taught by the wonderful Anne Ditmeyer of the blog Pret-a-Voyager  Continue reading “A walk under the Galerian Arch of Thessaloniki”

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Forgetfulness and Mindfulness

I lately seem to bump into this mindfulness thing very often. I see it everywhere. OK, so not everywhere, I don’t see it on the streets or anything, but, you know. Tell me though, is it everywhere on the web these days, or is it me? I go to the bookstore and, bam, Continue reading “Forgetfulness and Mindfulness”

Is Routine the answer to Procrastination?

This weekend I delved into the everyday lives of around 160 major artists, through the book of Mason Currey, Daily RitualsAnd I enjoyed it very much.

The writer has investigated into the daily routines of famous creators (from painters to Continue reading “Is Routine the answer to Procrastination?”

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February free printable calendar!

I ‘ve already told you how much I love Skillshare, so I thought I ‘d share with you a project I did for a class called “Create your Simple Watercolor Calendar” taught by the really talented Amarilys Henderson (you can find her on Instagram too @watercolordevo).

As you may have noticed, watercolors are soooo in Continue reading “February free printable calendar!”

Life’s little joys No1

Life's little joys-fav.fabric softener gif

Gifs have been a thing for a while now, and I was itching to get my hands on creating one for some time. Continue reading “Life’s little joys No1”


I am late to the party, I know, but it is kind of on purpose: I just get so resistant to the new fads (and there was certainly a craze when this little book first came out)!

I bought #GirlBoss last weekend, and Continue reading “#GirlBoss”

Yummy cake, happy me

(recipe taken from

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Bullet Journaling

For years now I’ve been trying to get to using a planner/journal/diary/something (anything) that could help me keep track of my everyday chores and things to do, along with thoughts, goal keeping and what-nots. Every year Continue reading “Bullet Journaling”

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