OK, so this easily goes into my “Current Obsessions” category: MAPS!

Last weekend I took a class on Skillshare (another huge addiction of the past four months) about map making, taught by the wonderful Anne Ditmeyer of the blog Pret-a-Voyager (she is really inspiring and talented, go check her out).

She proposes as a start to go ahead and grab any piece of paper that lies around you, and draw a map. What?! Yeap. Just like that. So I did exactly that, and ended up with this map that shows my today’s trip to, ahem, the chores of the day. Not thrilling, I know, but it was easier than I thought, and it was a start.



The next step came natural to me: seeing that Thessaloniki, the city I live in, has recently been featured in the New York Times “52 places to go in 2016“, I thought that depicting a short walk around one neighborhood in the very center of the city would be a good idea. In fact, these are the places that I visit again and again to have a coffee, a sandwich or simply walk around.

The Arch (the locals call it just “Kamara”, which of course means “Arch”, while the full name is the Triumphal Arch of Galerius) is a triumphal monument that Galerius built in the roman years in memory of his victory against the Persians. You can read more about it and the other monuments that surround the arch at the Galerian Complex info site.

This piece of the city is full of history and sights, but at the same time is really alive and humming, because of its proximity to the campus of the University of Thessaloniki. The streets and cafes are full of students who study and live around the area. This is a wonderful example of old and new co-existing!

I should probably confess at this point that this little map of mine is directly and shamelessly influenced (if not a complete copycat) by the way Anne drew A map of the Canal Saint Martin, but, hey, every artist starts with copying elements from others and then develops her own style (right?). Right.

You can download the file for use with your smart phone or tablet here (right click and save as…):

Thessaloniki central mini map
Mini street map of Thessaloniki’s Kamara area


Or you can download it as a PDF to print on an A4 piece of paper and have it with you when you come to the city:

Kamara map EN

Edit: Here’s another Greek version of the same map, for my fellow Greeks!

Χάρτης Ναυαρίνου Θεσσαλονίκη

Kamara map GR

Thessaloniki’s airport has many connections with cities all over the world, so go check it out!

Hope you like the map, and most importantly, the spots I chose and Thessaloniki itself. I have a few other maps to share, so stay tuned, and happy travelling!

♥ Pelagie

Disclaimer: Bare in mind that this is not an ad, I did not get paid to publish this post. Also, it is not an absolute exact map in terms of measurements or scale, but it is really close to that!