I am late to the party, I know, but it is kind of on purpose: I just get so resistant to the new fads (and there was certainly a craze when this little book first came out)!

I bought #GirlBoss last weekend, and read it in about five hours, without stopping. No, it was not such a great book to read through at a non-stop pace. It was just easy and flowing. A simple book, if you may. It tells the story of Sophia Amoruso’s life, with emphasis on her business career. Interesting story there. There are little moments of humor thrown in there too (a couple of them made me laugh out loud), but the overall narrative is kind of didactic; not mum’s-, rather big-sister’s-didactic.

What I got out of this book:

♥ GirlBosses are introvert and hard working

♥ GirlBosses are bitches, not in the old way, say Alexis-Carrington-in-Dynasty way, but in the new way; fair (as in just), kind and straightforward at the same time

♥ GirlBosses are stingy and shameless about money (I do not like that)

♥ GirlBosses can do whatever they set their minds on

♥ GirlBosses don’t cry over spilt milk; they just move on

All in all, I think that #GirlBoss is the new Secret: not as corny or mainstream, but much more practical and up-to-date. I liked it.

GirlBoss and herbal tea

So, you ask me, do I wanna be a #GirlBoss?

Hell yeah!

Have you read the book or not (yet)? What did you make out of it?

♥ Pelagie