I ‘ve already told you how much I love Skillshare, so I thought I ‘d share with you a project I did for a class called “Create your Simple Watercolor Calendar” taught by the really talented Amarilys Henderson (you can find her on Instagram too @watercolordevo).

As you may have noticed, watercolors are soooo in for the last couple of years, and they’re still going strong. Now, you may remember the watercolor paintings you did while in primary school, and think, well, blah, that was not a big deal at all, but I promise you, they are so much fun to work with, and turn out so cute! You just need to learn a few basic things (hallo, YouTube!).

The basic supplies you ‘ll need are one or two fairly good brushes (if the brush is of good quality, you’ll work much easier, and the result will be so much better; really cheap brushes are only going to make you feel inadequate painter and disappoint you quickly), and some watercolors (I got the Winsor and Newton pocket set, it has quality quality watercolors in, for a rookie like me, at least, it is very convenient to take with outdoors as well, coming with its own little handy brush).

The class on Skillshare was about creating monthly pages for a calendar, using a format given by Amarilys, which made things very easy but not at all restricting. I drew one page for January and one for February (I’ll get to the next months at some point, I hope). I thought about stuff that represent each month, did rough sketches with pencil on watercolor paper and then I colored them, scanned them, cleared them in Photoshop and made the final layout in Illustrator-phew!

This is the January page:

January watercolor calendar page

I then went to the print shop and printed the two files in thick paper (the thin cartons that they usually put as covers on the students’ projects); it cost only about thirty cents a page. Then I used those paper clips I had from Tiger to tie them together and hung them on the kitchen wall. They make very pretty hangers, I think!

So, here’s the February page for you to download if you want, and hang it somewhere. I know, it’s a little cheeky, but that’s all I could think of for February (not really imaginative, I know!). The first is in greek and the second in english:

February GR

February EN


♥ Pelagie