This weekend I delved into the everyday lives of around 160 major artists, through the book of Mason Currey, Daily RitualsAnd I enjoyed it very much.

The writer has investigated into the daily routines of famous creators (from painters to writers, dancers, architects, philosophers and musicians) and presents their daily program in the form of mini biographies.

For example, there is Nicola Tesla, who worked for hours non stop, stopping only for dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria restaurant, everyday at 8 pm sharp. He dined alone, always on the same table, asking for 18 white linen napkings to wait for him on it. And he always made an estimation of the volume that his food was occupying.

These kind of details are everywhere in the book, and are very entertaining, but what I came to think upon reading it, are the following:

♥ Big artists are extremely difficult to be with.

♥ Most of them had obsessions, superstitions and, of course, substance abuse issues (alcohol, drugs, smoking, food). Many suffered from insomnia.

Those two, I’d have guessed on my own anyway. But what really struck me as strange is that surprisingly many of them tried to maintain a “normal”, almost bourgeois everyday program, waking up early in the morning, eating breakfast, doing chores. Some of them wanted to be in a nine to five job, just to get into the routine. Most of them suffered from severe procrastinating fabits, strangling for years so that they could find the perfect schedule to produce more of their art/craft.

Until now. I was under the false impression that, when great minds did their thing, it came to them naturally, without much effort or exercise on their part. I am glad it’s not the case.

Now. Being a (huge) procrastinator myself, it feels good to know that so many great minds were too. It kinda makes me think, though, that maybe (and I say maybe) I should implement a routine of my own to get more things done. In fact, I must do it. And I will. Tomorrow.

What about you, fellow procrastinators? Do you have any anti-procrastinating solution? Do you think that maybe an everyday routine could help?

♥ Pelagie