I lately seem to bump into this mindfulness thing very often. I see it everywhere. OK, so not everywhere, I don’t see it on the streets or anything, but, you know. Tell me though, is it everywhere on the web these days, or is it me? I go to the bookstore and, bam, there it is again, waving frantically from the shelf: Mind-ful-ness. It haunts me. I think that the universe (or is it my subconscious?) is trying to put something before me, I dunno, it keeps escaping me (enter smirking emoji).

It is so hard in these modern times to keep your head clean and focused, having all these distructions around you, poking you in the most alluring ways, like the Sirenes did to Ulysses, don’t you think?  It is almost impossible, for me at least, to concentrate on one task alone-I go from Facebook to Google, and from Skillshare to my favorite blogs. Then I get to Instagram and maybe watch some tv to relax a bit. Then I open one of the many books I read silmutaneously and read a few pages. Later I might get my sewing machine on and sew some skirt, and all theses without actually completing any task. My mind seems to be all around and nowhere in particular at the same time. That also relates to my previous post, but on top of it, many times I feel like I’m kind of living on auto pilot, forgetting what the heck I was doing the minute before. This is mindfulness: not being conscious all the time, not being able to account for all the moments of your day.

I feel that the two of them, procrastination and mindfulness, kind of link to one another; is it that when you start being mindful, you stop procrastinating? Well, I don’ t really know, but I want to find out. So, and to that end, I’ve decided to study and experiment.

I am eyeing this Mindfulness book from Flow magazine:

Flow magazine mindfulness special edition

Pretty,huh? I have it in my cart, but I am trying to fit it in my monthly budget, so, not yet.

To my surprise, I also discovered that, when putting the word “mindfulness” in the search boxes of online bookstores, the results are flooded with, guess what: adult coloring books! They apparently help you concentrate in the moment. Plus, they’re super fun. This one’s good; I like it.

Also, zenhabits is a great source, where you can find inspirational posts, as well as buy books on the subject, or participate in the Sea Change program.

Sometimes I think that this is just another fad (hence the omnipresence), that it probably is a little hocus-pocus, eerie, cult-y spiritual thing, but, hey, I want some of it, because I found and identified a problem I have, and this philosophy seems to be able to solve it. Hopefully.

♥ Pelagie