Welcome! I am Pelagie, and I am a multipotentialite; I get passionate about stuff and then I give up on them (guilty).

I like sewing my clothes, taking photos, cooking, baking, travelling, graphic design and technology (I wish I had done more on those two), books, crafts and diy (I knit, embroider and crochet a little), stationary-notebooks, pens and diaries, drawing and watercoloring; I ‘ve taken up on English, French, Italian, German, Japanese and a wee bit of Bulgarian and Arabic-I fluently (?) speak Greek (that’s my mother language, duh!) and relatively good English. I studied at the Polytechnic School and have an MBA. I am not good enough at any of the above (I am still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up)!

I get easily enthused and clap my hands with excitement over small, everyday things, such as a tree, a lipstick, tasty food, a cartoon character. I also sadly am in “esprit d’escalier”; I never think of the proper word to say until after I have to say it. That’s a real bummer, I’ll tell ya.

Ideally, I would live out of learning and acquiring skills.

In a world that’s changing, Mr. V is my constant. Our favorite city is Paris.

Semper Curiosus (ever curious) is where I write about my latest passions and addictions (and they are many and ever-changing). Come with me to this wonderful thing we call life!